The Sixth Astro-Islamic Seminar

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Under the Patronage of Prof. Abdus-Salam Al-Abbadi
The Minister of Islamic Affairs

The Ministry of Islamic Affairs, the Arab Union for Astronomy & Space
Sciences, and the Jordanian Astronomical Society, organize the

Sixth Astro-Islamic Seminar
"The Astronomical Applications in Islam"
02-03 December 1999.

Since 1995 JAS used to organize an annual seminar in cooperation with the Jordanian Ministry of Islamic Affairs, to discuss the astronomical applications in Islam. This year we want to develop the seminar, and so we have invited several scientists and experts from abroad.

Organizing Committee

The Participants

  1. Dr. Jamal Mimouni (University of Constantine, Algeria).
  2. Mr. Moh'd Ghayyath (Bahrain) .
  3. Al-Sheihk: Abdul-Qader Ibrahim. (Iraq).
  4. Dr. Majeed Jarad (Iraq).
  5. Mr. Abdul Wahid Abrahams (Crescent Observers Society, South Africa).
  6. Mr. Hashim Saleh (Crescent Observers Society, South Africa).
  7. Ms. Malikah Saleh (South Africa)
  8. Mrs. Mariam Saleh (South Africa)
  9. Mr. Mohammed Fadhiel Davids (Crescent Observers Society, SA).
  10. Mr. Mohammed Nithaam (South Africa)
  11. Mr. Mohammed Sa-eed Manuel (Crescent Observers Society, SA).
  12. Mr. Mohammed Tahaa Karaan (Majlisul Qadhaa-i al Islami, SA).
  13. Mr. Noor Mohammed (South Africa)
  14. Mr. Omar Khabeer (Crescent Observers Society, Soth Africa).
  15. Dr. Fawwaz Al-Syoof (Syria).
  16. Dr. Hasan Bealani (University of Aleppo, Syria).
  17. Dr. Jalal Ad-Deen Khanji (University of Aleppo, Syria).
  18. Dr. Mohammad Ash-Shami (Syria).
  19. Dr. Mohmoud A'kkam (Syria).
  20. Prof. Hamid Al-Naimiy (JAS), Jordan.
  21. Dr. Ali Abanda (JAS), Jordan.
  22. Mr. Awni Khasawneh (JAS), Jordan.
  23. Mr. Mohammad Odeh (JAS), Jordan.

Papers & Presentations

  1. Dr. Mohammed Al-Malki: The praying times, a solution for higher latitude.

  2. Dr. Hasan Bealani: The Islamic praying times (geodesic study).

  3. Dr. Jalal Ad-Deen Khanji: The beginning of the Arabic months (modernization & unity).

  4. Dr. Mahmoud A'kkam: Ramadan crescent between visibility and calculations.

  5. Dr. Ali Abanda: The Moon in the Arabic heritage.

  6. Mr. Moh'd Odeh: Evaluation of the error percentage in determining the beginning of lunar months in Jordan (during the past half-century). Click Here to downlaod this paper (Arabic Paper).

  7. Dr. Fawwaz Al-Syoof: The problem of the lunar month crescent in the book "Mufakaht Al-Khellan".

  8. Dr. Wahib An-Naser: Comparison of the crescent visibility conditions in the Islamic countries.

  9. Dr. Omar Afzal: Global Islamic Calendar Calculations: some issues.

  10. Mr. Hashim Saleh: Crescent Observation - A South African Tradition.

  11. Dr. Hamid Al-Niamy: Indications of astronomical calculations in the Holly Quran (Time & Mawaqeet).

  12. Dr. Moh'd Ash-Shami: Visibility philosophy between scholars and astronomers; difference not disagreement.

  13. Dr. John Caldwell and David Laney (SAOO): First Visibility of the Lunar Crescent.

  14. Dr. David McNaughton: Ramadan 1420: The Longest For 300 Years.

  15. Dr. Hamid Al-Niamy: The Esra' & Me'raj; scientific and astrophysical readings.

  16. Dr. Bernard Yallop: A Method for Predicting the First Sighting of the New Crescent Moon

  17. Before the recommendations, a talk will be given about ICOP and its objectives and results, by Dr. Hamid Al-Niamy & Mr. Mohammad Odeh.

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